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March 21st, 2013


  1. Ben Franklin Alumnus Particle Sciences Partners with Calvert Labs in Drug Services Pact

    Particle Sciences (http://www.particlesciences.com/) and Calvert Labs have formed an alliance to offer a streamlined solution aimed at expediting preclinical drug development. This partnership will alleviate formulation challenges that often delay entry into preclinical testing by aligning formulation and preclinical experts to identify the problem and provide a solution more quickly. Particle Sciences will work to develop a formulation Continue Reading…

  2. Texas Instruments Lehigh Valley

    TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – LEHIGH VALLEY’s technology dramatically increases efficiency in power systems and has been designed into hundreds of millions of products offered by world leaders in electronics, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and e-readers. One of two anchor companies at Ben Franklin TechVentures, TI Lehigh Valley now employs 70.

  3. Saladax Biomedical, Inc.

    SALADAX BIOMEDICAL, INC. Saladax produces MyCare™, sophisticated blood tests that quickly, accurately, and inexpensively determine systemic chemotherapy drug levels that enable oncologists to personalize dosing for optimal results in cancer patients. Saladax, one of two anchor companies at Ben Franklin TechVentures, has raised more than $40 million in follow-on funding and has forged an important Continue Reading…

  4. Pivitec, LLC

    PIVITEC designs and markets hardware and software products for the professional and commercial audio industry. The company utilizes wireless mobile devices and personal computers as interactive controllers for its network devices to improve audio presentations. Wired systems currently in use require extensive cabling and have limited audio source reception.

  5. Map Decisions, LLC

    MAPDECISIONS produces infrastructure, asset, and work-management applications for municipal entities and architectural, construction, and engineering firms. Their mobile applications redefine the way in which clients collect, inspect, and report on assets in the field. Increased regulations place a growing demand on under-staffed inspection efforts. MapDecisions’ tablet- and cloud-based solutions greatly increase the efficiency of field Continue Reading…

  6. Intuidex, Inc.

    INTUIDEX, Inc. develops and deploys data mining and data visualization software for large applications. The company’s software retrieves key pieces of information from narrative text and extracts and compares the data. Intuidex’s IxEE platform is being used by the U.S. Air Force, the Port Authority of NY-NJ, and the National Science Foundation.

  7. HB Custom Media, Inc.

    H.B. Custom Media, INC. is commercializing custom tissue culture media and reagents for life sciences companies. Applications include drug development, cancer research, nerve cell regeneration investigation, and treatments for heart attacks. Founder Karen Hoskins was the Manager of Operations in a similar business for global company Millipore for six years before launching the company.

  8. Hager Bioscience, LLC

    HAGER BIOSCIENCES, LLC is a preclinical-stage drug discovery company with innovative medicinal chemistry capabilities. Its mission to provide highly sought-after therapeutic leads for unmet medical needs. Hager’s discovery fragment pharmacophore platform, FragPhore®, provides a competitive advantage for efficient and rapid medicinal chemistry optimization of a drug candidate. The platform also improves pharmaceutical properties and provides Continue Reading…

  1. Forge3, Ltd.

    FORGE3 is developing several applications for use on mobile platforms for specific vertical industries. For example, Forge3 is commercializing their electronic tool for the insurance industry, Clickable Coverage, which allows agents in the field to utilize mobile devices to graphically show clients their coverages. The company also provides custom web and application development services. Forge3’s Continue Reading…

  2. EggZack

    EGGZACK markets software that requires only a single entry to update a client’s website and other marketing functions. EggZack broadcasts the client’s information immediately to more than 20 types of media, including social media, allowing small- to medium-sized companies to promote themselves more efficiently and effectively.

  3. DaVinci Concepts

    DAVINCI CONCEPTS develops and markets software that smaller financial services firms and brokerages use to better manage their companies and better extract and report information required by regulatory agencies. DaVinci’s software, BDManager, consolidates data retrieved transparently from clearing firms, mutual funds, insurance companies, and other outside vendors.

  4. Azevan Pharmaceuticals, LLC

    AZEVAN PHARMACEUTICALS LLC develops pharmaceuticals for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Their developmental focus has been stress-related effective illness resulting in anxiety and depression, CNS disorders causing aggression, and female health issues. Their lead compound, SRX246 is in a Phase II clinical trial for treatment of Intermittent Explosive Disorder and other mood Continue Reading…