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February 24th, 2014


  1. viihealth, Inc.

    VIIHEALTH has developed a cloud-based web service that permits consumers to manage their personal health care information. Details about insurance, medical conditions, medications, and more are all securely saved for access and use when needed. The site will also permit customers to interact and more effectively seek insurance information and negotiate rates.

  2. U. S. Specialty Formulations

    US SPECIALTY FORMULATIONS (USSF) was founded in response to new FDA rules that create a different class of specialty drug-compounding entities. After the tragic deaths of 64 people in 2012 due to contaminated injectable drugs, the FDA developed guidelines that standardize safety requirements among companies that produce customized drug formulations for hospitals and physicians. USSF Continue Reading…

  3. Orbweaver Sourcing, LLC

    ORBWEAVER has developed a suite of web-based software that allows electronic board manufacturers to more rapidly, comprehensively, and cost-effectively develop competitive part-pricing and bills-of-material. Within minutes, users are presented with results suited to their specific requirements and desires. Orbweaver’s solution brings a cloud-based materials resource planning platform to the electronics manufacturing industry.    

  4. Lehigh Valley Angel Investors

    LEHIGH VALLEY ANGEL INVESTORS was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs in the Lehigh Valley to pool investment funds from accredited and experienced investors in order to provide seed and growth capital to start-up companies. LVAI typically invests in companies located in the greater Lehigh Valley, but their investments are not limited to Continue Reading…

  5. Sunbound Technology

    SUNBOUND TECHNOLOGY is developing custom LED lighting products for industrial and commercial applications. Their “slim light” and LED dimmable drivers open new applications for LED lighting in both residential and commercial settings. The company also serves the semiconductor industry with equipment and solutions.

  6. Innovform Therapeutics

    INNOVFORM THERAPEUTICS is a biotech company dedicated to developing innovative “Spray-in-Flow” technology as an efficient process to prepare nanoparticle formulations. The company will utilize their proprietary process to design new mechanisms for drug delivery and diagnostic agents and to develop next-generation cancer therapies.

  7. Cernostics

    CERNOSTICS is discovering new ways to find, see, and treat cancer. Their personalized approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment utilizes proprietary technologies based on a systems approach to evaluating patient tissue samples. Their technique includes multiplexed florescence microscopy and imaging technology, offering great potential to produce better, safer, and more cost-effective results.