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Ben Franklin Hosting Lehigh Valley Tech Radio Broadcast

In support of regional entrepreneurship, Ben Franklin TechVentures® began hosting the broadcast of LVTech Radio, a twice-monthly live radio show. Presented by Lehigh Valley Tech, the show features lively discourse about new technologies that are being developed in the Lehigh Valley and worldwide. Prior episodes of the show are online at

Host Tim Lytle and co-hosts Anthony Durante and  Mark Koberlein began broadcasting from Ben Franklin TechVentures  on July 24th.  Their live broadcast of LVTech Radio begins at 12:00 noon and is followed by The Developers! Show, which begins at 2:00. Both shows occur on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania owns, manages, and is headquartered in Ben Franklin TechVentures. 

Ben Franklin Technology Partners has partnered with Lehigh Valley Tech frequently, hosting the organization’s Hackathon in 2011 and Start-Up Weekend in 2012, both at the Innovation Institute in Ben Franklin TechVentures. This year’s Start-Up Weekend will be held November 15th through 17th, again at TechVentures. Lehigh Valley Tech’s monthly Tech Meetups are also held at Ben Franklin TechVentures.

About Lehigh Valley Tech

Founded in March 2011, Lehigh Valley Tech is a group of designers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting technology and entrepreneurship in the Lehigh Valley. Though its grassroots efforts, Lehigh Valley Tech aims to help transform the regional economy into a vibrant, self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystem that creates jobs and wealth for the Lehigh Valley and surrounding regions.