LifeAire Systems, LLC

Conduct a series of test programs to validate the effectiveness of LifeAire Systems’ air purification technology in a hospital setting, and expand marketing efforts for selling the units to In Vitro Fertilization laboratories. LifeAire Systems has developed and patented a proprietary in-duct air purification system for environments in which air quality is critical. Recent research indicates that 1.7 million patients in the U.S. acquire a Hospital Acquired Infection each year with an associated cost burden of $30-45B annually. These infections create avoidable complications, and contribute to increased readmission rates, morbidity, mortality, and significant additional costs borne by the hospital. LifeAire’s technology has been installed in and is protecting the highly sensitive clinical setting of In Vitro Fertilization, and has resulted in a significant improvement in clinical pregnancy rates in multiple installations throughout the U.S. There is also considerable international interest in the system. The company is planning to expand into infection control for critical hospital applications such as operating rooms, intensive care units, burn centers, and long-term care facilities.