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Ben Franklin Technology Partners client LMC Software Solutions, Morgantown, a provider of next-generation enterprise software support solutions, and Alliance Global Services, a premier global software solutions firm, have announced a new strategic partnership.  Under the agreement, Alliance will utilize LMC’s Enterprise Technical Support Center (ETSC) – a centralized, web-based set of support tools that enable support teams to maximize the operational availability and streamline the management of business enterprise applications – as part of its own internal support operations.  In addition, Alliance will offer the ETSC solution as a value-added component to its customers. 

 “This partnership provides the opportunity to prove out our position that improving the quality of system performance ultimately drives significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction,” comments LMC founder and CEO Fran Connolly.  “Our work with Alliance is an important step for us in the marketplace.”

About LMC Software Solutions LLCLMC Software Solutions creates products and services that address the complex support issues that companies face today in deploying and supporting critical business enterprise applications. LMC utilizes the latest technologies to enable its customers to achieve the highest availability at the lowest possible cost of ownership. LMC’s ETSC offers a standard support framework of tools and services that can be tailored to meet the specific enterprise application requirements in most major industries. Installing LMC’s ETSC software with a capital cost of $300K provides 400% to 700% in ROI to the software company.

LMC software is used by developers to dramatically improve the software release life cycle.  While there are many software life cycle tools available, they tend to focus on bug management, versioning / change management and the associated release documentation. The root cause of high post release support and deployment costs is based on non-functional requirements-known as “ilities.” LMC enterprise software platform is specifically designed to help companies address the impact of “ilities”. Following are just a few of the critical “ilities” LMC’s software addresses:

o Maintainability       o Availability  o Supportability        o Operatability
o Traceability  o Scalability   o Integratability       o Interoperability    
o Portability   o Affordability o Upgradability o Installability