What distinguishes Ben Franklin Technology Partners—enabling us to provide tremendous results and thrive for 30 years—is our enterprise-wide support of early-stage technology firms and established manufacturers.

When we first begin working with a new client, it is usually our financial investment that interests them most. But our alumni companies invariably cite our comprehensive business support as our most valuable contribution to their sustained success. In fact, many investors consider a company’s involvement with Ben Franklin to be a key endorsement that earns the company priority consideration.

The Ben Franklin Solutions Network

Each company in the Ben Franklin portfolio benefits from the collective experience of seasoned professionals who focus on turning high-potential ideas into high-growth businesses. In-house expertise is complemented by Ben Franklin’s extensive Solutions Network of advisers, service providers and investors, creating a powerful and comprehensive support program for clients.

In the northeastern Pennsylvania region, Ben Franklin Technology Partners works with a wide variety of technology-based companies, most notably in these industry sectors:

  • Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Materials Science
  • Electronics