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Study Released by Ben Franklin Shale Gas Center Summarizes Regulations Governing Natural Gas Vehicles






November 26, 2012

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As gasoline prices rise, consumers are eyeing low cost natural gas as a potential solution to their transportation fuel needs. But switching to natural gas as the fuel of choice brings with it a myriad of regulatory hurdles. The Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization Center announced today the release of a white paper titled, “Regulatory Hurdles for Natural Gas Vehicles”. The paper is posted on the SGICC web site.

The white paper, authored by Brian Krier, Energy Programs Manager, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA (CNP), summarizes the key federal and Pennsylvania state regulations that must be taken into consideration as companies or individuals consider undertaking the conversion of a vehicle to utilize natural gas as a fuel in either a bi-fuel, dual fuel or 100% NG mode of operation. Bill Hall, SGICC Director notes, “We have been working with clients interested in vehicle conversions, and also were a partner in the two utilization conferences held at Penn State over the last two years that had a transportation focus. As we explored this area in more depth, it became apparent to us that there is a lot of confusion regarding the regulations that govern the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel, and we felt the release of this white paper could help consumers get a clearer understanding.”

The SGICC also shared the white paper with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and requested they review and comment on the paper. “We appreciate the Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center’s work on this project and look forward to continuing to work with our partners in the public and private sector to encourage the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. This cleaner-burning fuel is helping pave the way to cleaner air and true American energy independence,” DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said.

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