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May 10th, 2009


  1. Pennsylvania Sustainable Technologies: Developing a New Generation of Biofuel

    Globally, biofuels are increasingly being used to power vehicles, heat homes and for cooking. As the demand for biofuels increases, “food vs. fuel” debates rage about the value and sustainability of first-generation biofuels, which largely rely on crops high in sugar or vegetable oil. Bethlehem-based Pennsylvania Sustainable Technologies (PST), with the support of a $50,000 Continue Reading…

  2. Resource Energy Systems Technologies: Motor Controllers That Reduce Energy Demand

    As energy costs continue to rise, companies are challenged to keep costs in line without affecting productivity or normal conveniences. Across the United States there are more than 2 billion active motors consuming 60 percent of all energy used. Using a concept initially developed by NASA, Allentown-based Resource Energy Systems Technologies (REST) has commercialized and Continue Reading…

  3. United Corrstack: Developing a Co-Generation Plant to Provide Steam and Electricity to Its Manufacturing Facility

    United Corrstack normally keeps a low profile in their mill in Reading, PA, quietly making recycled corrugated fluting paper for use in cardboard boxes. But the company recently stepped into the spotlight with a coveted Manufacturing Achievement Award

  4. Michelman-Cancelliere Iron Works Takes a Hard Look in the Mirror to Build a Stronger Future

    During an economic downturn, many companies go into “turtle mode.” They pull in their heads and stop spending money on anything, least of all internal improvements. But smart businesses realize that when the going gets tough, the tough take a long, hard look in the mirror. One such company is Michelman-Cancelliere Iron Works (MC Iron Continue Reading…