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2012 Annual Report: Then, Now, Tomorrow–Stories of Challenge, Perseverance and Success

Then Now Tomorrow – Stories of Challenge, Perseverance, and Success

Life poses challenges to all of us. If we work tirelessly, receive help from experienced mentors, and bring our talents and passion to what we do, we increase our chances of success substantially. This is also true for both new and established companies. This year’s annual report celebrates the 30-year anniversary of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners by highlighting our clients’ achievements.

2012 Annual Report – Download

To prosper, companies need an exceptional management team, a comprehensive and practical business plan, access to funding, and a realistic assessment of market potential. They require efficient and technologically superior manufacturing methods, input from skilled consultants, and effective market channel strategies. The Ben Franklin team’s experience and expertise make us uniquely qualified to provide clients with assistance in precisely these areas.

This report highlights the accomplishments of five alumni clients that represent many other stories of success among the companies we serve. These companies create and retain jobs that substantially enhance the lives of thousands of workers and their families. They also create products that compete globally and improve the human condition. CICLON Semiconductor Device Corporation, now Texas Instruments – Lehigh Valley, for example, produces critical components used in literally billions of wireless devices worldwide. Saladax Biomedical, in conjunction with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, has developed tests for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. These are the first fully automated tests and have higher performance than competitors. Armed with this information early enough, doctors may be able to administer therapies to avert dementia.

The Ben Franklin program was created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1982 to play a leadership role in building the state’s technology economy, strengthening regional economies, and creating and retaining high-wage, high-skilled jobs.  In the three decades since Ben Franklin was established, we have delivered on those objective with excellence. With a return of $3.50 of incremental state tax revenue for every dollar of investment in the program, Ben Franklin is among the most successful economic development organizations in the world.

For the last 30 years, we have catalyzed the success stories you’ll read about in these pages and hundreds more. We complement our financial investments with targeted advice and crucial connections that support clients and accelerate their growth. We help build northeastern Pennsylvania’s technology economy one company at a time.




R. Chadwick Paul, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern PA