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April 12th, 2013


  1. Ben Franklin Client Micro Interventional Devices Featured in Keystone Edge

    Micro Interventional Devices, Inc. opened at Ben Franklin TechVentures® in 2010 with the goal of transforming heart surgery and making life-saving procedures available to more people.Read More: http://www.keystoneedge.com/features/microinterventionaldevices0409.aspx

  2. Board Chair Fred Beste Featured in Keystone Edge

    Beste, a career-long venture capitalist, is the CEO of the General Partners of the Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds and partner emeritus at Bethlehem-based Originate Ventures . He is an original board member of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the statewide contingent of Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority. As the Continue Reading…

  3. Ben Franklin TechVentures Featured in Keystone Edge

    Nine years ago, two former life science executives were looking for a new home for their new company,  a venture based on a new way to determine how much medication to administer to individual cancer patients. Adrienne Choma and Salvatore Salamone had met each other while working at Roche Diagnostics in New Jersey. So a Continue Reading…