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January 30th, 2014


  1. Ben Franklin Catalyzes Growth in Life Sciences

    Cerora and Micro Interventional Devices are just two of the 61 life sciences start-ups successfully launched by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1987. Ben Franklin’s investments in these ventures — almost $12 million in total — build on sectors in which the region’s life sciences economy is especially robust. Read more:http://www.keystoneedge.com/features/bftpSEmedicaldevices012814.aspx?utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=SpecialEdition&utm_term=Creating+the+next+groundbreaking+medical+device+in+Northeast+PA&utm_content=%7bEmail_Address%7d&utm_campaign=Special+Edition%3a+Gearing+up+for+the+future   Continue Reading…

  2. Ben Franklin Alumnus Client Hexcel Earns Boeing Performance Excellence Award

    Hexcel Corp. has received a 2013 Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance. Hexcel develops, manufactures, and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials used in commercial aerospace, space and defense, and industrial applications. Read More: http://www.onlineamd.com/hexcel-boeing-performance-excellence-award-supply-012914.aspx

  3. Founder of Ben Franklin Client LifeAire Systems Featured in Keystone Edge

    When Kathryn C. Worrilow was working as a reproductive physiologist in an in-vitro fertilization clinic, she and her colleagues noticed something was wrong. At various times, their pregnancy rate would dip, and no one could figure out why. Read more: http://keystoneedge.com/founders/kathryncworrilow013014.aspx

  4. Ben Franklin Client and Venture Idol Winner Pivitec Debuts New AVB Product, Interface Card

     Pivitec, of Bethlehem, PA, is offering new AVB-related and interface products. The Pivitec e16i‐ADAT 16-channel AVB network interface and e16i/o MY 16 Mini-YGDAI 16-channel bidirectional network interface card for Yamaha digital consoles are now available. “Pivitec’s leading edge Personal Monitor Mixing System is especially popular for use in Houses of Worship. So Yamaha was the Continue Reading…

  5. Ben Franklin Alumnus Particle Sciences, Inc. Partners to Bring Poison Ivy Vaccine Into Clinical Trials

    Particle Sciences, Inc. a drug delivery Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), has partnered with Hapten Sciences, Inc. to progress Hapten’s lead product into the clinic. The product is a vaccine developed to lessen or eliminate contact dermatitis from Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac exposure. Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1705667#ixzz2rtkPE5oE