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April 10th, 2014


  1. C-SPAN Uses Viddler to Power its Student Video Contests

    In March, C-SPAN announced the winners of its annual contest, (StudentCam, www.studentcam.org) inviting middle school and high school students to submit their own documentaries on issues of national importance. To handle the complexities of each year’s event, the network turned to Viddler (www.viddler.com) for hands-on support. Read More: http://iwantpop.com/11898/c-span-uses-viddler-to-power-its-student-video-contests/

  2. Hexcel and Zodiac Aerospace Partner to Develop L3 All-Composite Aircraft Seat

    Zodiac Aerospace, world leader in aircraft seating, teamed with Hexcel, world leader in aerospacecarbon fiber composite materials, to develop L3- Living Space, Lightweight, Leadtime. The L3 is a revolutionary passenger seat dedicated for medium/short haul flights, offering a good living space to passengers and to airlines a higher density and a lighter weight. Read more: http://www.azom.com/news.aspx?newsID=40775

  3. Cerora Announces First Close on Initial Seed Round of Financing

    Cerora, Inc., announced a first closing of its initial seed financing round. These initial funds will support the development and marketing of its hardware/software solution for delivering objective brainwave biosensor data to help evaluate sports concussions right ‘near the field’ of play. Read more at http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwgeeks/article/Cerora-Inc-Announces-First-Close-on-Initial-Seed-Round-of-Financing-20140407#IfJc4jP09MecU207.99