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January, 2015


  1. Architrep Finds Success Through Resources for Entrepreneurs

    “There is a full spectrum of assistance here in the Lehigh Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and the most important aspect of that spectrum is how all of us work together to focus on the success of the client,” said BFTP/NEP’s Wayne Barz. Architrep started at BF TechVentures and is featured in the LVEDC e-newsletter:

  2. 2014 Annual Report: Leveraging the Ben Franklin Investment

    Click here to download a PDF of the 2014 annual report. Funding is what draws most companies to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Early-stage firms are interested in seed capital and investments for product development. Cash investments in early-stage firms are critical; indeed young firms are often said to be in a Continue Reading…

  3. Ben Franklin iXchange 2014 Recap

    More than 550 technology entrepreneurs and other business people, venture capitalists, economic developers, political leaders and regional influencers from BFTP/NEP’s 21-county service area attended the annual Ben Franklin iXchange 2014. The iXchange combines the presentation of annual Innovation Awards and a keynote address by a national speaker with a premier regional business technology networking event.

  4. BFTP 2015 Annual Report – The Energy of New Ideas

    In 1752, Ben Franklin discovered many new things about electricity. Flash forward 263 years, and the organization that carries Ben’s name continues to support the discovery and harnessing of the Energy of New Ideas. Read more in the 2015 annual report.  

  5. LifeAire and Skaffl Listed as PA Companies to Watch

    Ben Franklin clients LifeAire Systems and Skaffl were included in Keystone Edge’s list of 18 Commonwealth companies to watch in 2015. Read more:

  6. Bethlehem start-ups earn thousands in tax credits

    The PA Dept.of Community and Economic Development awarded $578,427 in tax credits to 12 Bethlehem start-up companies in the Southside Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ), which is administered by the Bethlehem Economic Development Corp. Nine of the 12 KIZ tax credit recipients are clients or alumni of BFTP/NEP. Read more:

  7. Snake Creek Lasers Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    Specializing in green microlasers for various applications, products for the military and newer products that Brown has invented and developed, Snake Creek Lasers has garnered acclamation for its quality and customer service. Read more:

  8. Bally Ribbon Mills Visited by NASA for Manufacture of Spacecraft Materials

    Ben Franklin alumnus Bally Ribbon Mills showcased the advanced woven thermal protection systems it is producing for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Orion spacecraft. A NASA Administrator visited Bally and toured the facility that is making products geared to extend human and robotic presence throughout the solar system. Read more:

  1. Micro Interventional Devices Completes STASIS Clinical Trial Enrollment

    Micro Interventional Devices, Inc. has completed enrollment in its Secure Transapical Access and Closure Study (STASIS). STASIS is a CE-Mark study that evaluates the safety and performance of the company’s Permaseal™, the world’s first automated direct myocardial ventricular access and closure technology especially designed for use in certain heart procedures. Read more:

  2. Alcon Research Studies Daily Disposable Contact Lenses for Teenagers

    Researchers who evaluated spectacles and contact lenses in teenage patients found that contacts were an effective, positive treatment option for this group. An open-label, controlled, randomized study was conducted and reported in Optometry & Vision Science. Participants were divided into two groups; one group wore spectacles and the other wore Dailies AquaComfort Plus contact lenses Continue Reading…

  3. BioMed Sciences Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    Founded by Mark Dillon, BioMed Sciences offers innovative products to treat burn wounds, facilitate the prevention of scars and, most recently, to treat wrinkles. Read more:

  4. Lehigh Valley Angel investors backed three start-ups in 2014

    Lehigh Valley Angel Investors, a group of 33 locally-based entrepreneurs backing innovative start-up companies announced that it backed three additional firms in 2014. The group, which works with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, invested a total of $260,000 in three Pennsylvania companies last year. Read more:    

  5. Bridgeworks Enterprise Center to Welcome LightLab International in Early 2015

    Bridgeworks is a longtime member of the Ben Franklin Business Incubator Network. LightLab founders Mike Grather and Tracy Silvert are repeat entrepreneurs, having managed Luminaire Testing Labs, the first client at Bridgeworks in 1989. Read more: