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April, 2015


  1. ProtoCam Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    “Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is going to be the next industrial revolution; it’s going to change the way you design and manufacture parts,” said BFTP/NEP client ProtoCAM co-founder Ron Belknap. Read more:

  2. Particle Sciences Receives Patent for its Surface Arrayed Therapeutics™ Drug Delivery Platform

    Particle Sciences has received a Notice of Allowance for its SATx™ platform, which has utility in applications ranging from oncology to vaccines. The SATx™ technology is a disruptive nanoparticle platform that helps clients improve the potency, safety, and utility of both large and small molecule therapeutics. Read more:

  3. Orbweaver Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    The industry responsible for producing some of the highest-tech products, like missiles and sophisticated cell phones, was using some very low-tech methods when it came to ordering parts. Orbweaver developed a sophisticated supply-chain management software that is disrupting the industry. Read more:

  4. Toothbrushes, Textiles, Technology: BFTP/NEP invests in 10 diverse companies