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May, 2015


  1. Galaxy Brushes Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    “I’ve always believed you can manufacture in the U.S. and make money at it,” said Lee Batzel, founder of BFTP client Galaxy Brushes. “We found a niche in the energy market with pig brushes, and developed and patented a brush that works better on the pigs. We started marketing it as a cleaning brush for Continue Reading…

  2. Tech firms thrive in Wilkes-Barre Innovation Center

    Fourteen companies employ more than 120 people at the Wilkes-Barre Innovation Center, a member of the Ben Franklin Business Incubator Network. BFTP clients EthosGen, an alternative energy company, and Vitrius Technologies, a company that specializes in windows that produce heat and increase energy efficiency, are hiring and have expanded on the second floor. Read more: Continue Reading…

  3. CEWA Technologies Partners With PA Metal Fabricator

    CEWA Technologies, Wyomissing, is a developer of innovative solar power dishes that produce electricity and thermal energy  at a price that is competitive with fossil fuels without government subsidies. The company has partnered with Summit Steel Manufacturing, Reading, to produce solar concentrator dishes. Read more:

  4. B. Braun Receives FDA Approval to Offer IV Antibiotic in its Innovative DUPLEX Container

    B. Braun Medical Inc. received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to offer broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics in its DUPLEX® Container. DUPLEX® is designed to simplify intravenous delivery, minimize the potential for medication errors, eliminate the pharmacy labor component of IV delivery, and reduce drug waste. Read more:

  5. TechVentures Hosts Lehigh Nanotechnology Conference

    Now that nanotechnology has entered the mainstream, the ninth annual Lehigh Nanotech Network conference on May 20 at Ben Franklin TechVentures’ Innovation Institute focused on discussions of the applications for advancing the technology to grow businesses. Read more:

  6. OraSure in race to make much-needed rapid Ebola test

    OraSure Technologies is competing to develop the go-to Ebola diagnostic test that can be deployed quickly to screen patients at hospitals, clinics,  or even people crossing borders. Working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, OraSure has come developed a saliva test it hopes can shorten the wait to less than a half-hour, without Continue Reading…

  7. Glemser Technologies Founder Featured in Keystone Edge

    In 1987, Ray Glemser founded Glemser Technologies Corp., which provides software and advisory services for life science companies to use in organizing their documentation to comply with government regulations. Now the company serves pharmaceutical clients throughout North America and Europe. Read more:

  8. LV Chamber SBC Event at TechVentures: Innovate or Die!

    Where do innovative ideas come from? Why do angel investors back innovative companies and/or technologies? Why is it important that PA invest in innovative technologies? Speakers: Dr. Kathryn Worrilow, CEO, LifeAire Systems; Al Stubbmann, Lehigh Valley Angel Investors; Wayne Barz, Manager of Entrepreneurial Services, BFTP; Moderated by: Anthony Durante, Program Manager, Allentown Economic Development Corporation. Register:

  1. LifeAire Systems at Forefront of In Vitro Fertilization Technology

    The human embryo has no mechanism for defense against biological contaminants, including those in the air, Dr. Kathryn Worrilow, Founder and CEO of BFTP client LifeAire Systems says. Her air-filtration system, for which she holds two patents, filters out those contaminants so couples have the best chance to conceive a child. Read more:

  2. Ben Franklin iXchange Draws 500+ Guests

    On May 7, BFTP hosted its annual iXchange on the campus of Lehigh University. The iXchange combined the presentation of seven Innovation Awards and executive networking sessions with a keynote by Practical Futurist Michael Rogers.;;

  3. Cerora Selected to Present at Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum

    Cerora, Inc.has been selected to present at the Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum in California. “We are excited at the prospect of our platform helping patients with concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) as well as many other types of brain-related issues, including injury, neurological, psychiatric, and tumor,” said Adam J. Simon, Cerora’s CEO. Read more: Continue Reading…

  4. LifeAire Systems Featured in Keystone Edge

    The human embryo is incredibly sensitive. Tiny changes in the air — dust, pathogens, bacteria — can impact the success of In-Vitro fertilization. The solution was to build an air filtration system that removes all airborne pathogens. Developed in the Lehigh Valley, the LifeAire system can even eliminate anthrax, the most difficult pathogen to kill. Continue Reading…

  5. Glemser Earns Accreditation for Life Sciences Solution Suite

    Glemser Technologies is pleased to announce it is the first EMC® Enterprise Content Division Certified Solution Partner to become accredited on the entire EMC Documentum® for Life Sciences Solution Suite. The accreditation ensures that Glemser has proven knowledge and capabilities to provide life sciences companies with documentum-based, purpose-built solutions. Read more:

  6. PA’s Plastics Industry Showcased in New PA DCED Video

    Pennsylvania’s energy production from several sources is driving down costs and drastically lowering the cost of plastics production. The PA Dept.t of Community and Economic Development’s new video showcases PA’s advantages for the plastics industry, and cites Penn College of Technology, a Ben Franklin/NEP Center of Excellence. Watch here:

  7. Bridgeworks Incubator Takes ‘Best in Show’ at National Convention

    Bridgeworks Enterprise Center, part of the Ben Franklin Business Incubator Network, was selected as one of the five incubators out of 50 recognized as “Best in Show” at the National Business Incubation Association’s annual conference. What Allentown did, explained manager Anthony Durante, was rethink what manufacturing is and rebuild the infrastructure to manufacturing. Read more:  Continue Reading…

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