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June 23rd, 2015


  1. Why Is There a Velociraptor on the White House Lawn?

    The 15-foot KitRex velociraptor costume was created by Lehigh Valley entrepreneur Lisa Glover. Glover and her KitRex, a flat-packed kit letting customers build their own cardboard dinosaurs, traveled to the nation’s capital to participate in the White House Maker Faire.   Glover created her first dinosaur costume in Lehigh entrepreneurship class, and earned support from Lehigh’s Continue Reading…

  2. Why is it important to think about the future?

    The Ben Franklin Technology Partners iXchange 2015 event featured futurist Michael Rogers as the keynote speaker. Rogers addressed the virtualization of America and the world, the Internet of Things, and what the digital lifestyle means for business. See his insights at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITEFEXrqRpg