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September 30th, 2015


  1. CEWA Technologies Featured in Greater Reading Chamber Commerce Quarterly

    CEWA Technologies’ new solar dish produces energy at a price that competes with fossil fuels without government subsidies. By using existing materials in new ways and employing a unique design, CEWA’s solar collector can provide energy with far greater efficiency than existing solar applications. CEWA’s solar dishes have the potential to be a game-changer in cost-effective Continue Reading…

  2. Ben Franklin Venture Idol: November 12 – SOLD OUT

    Ben Franklin Venture Idol is a cross between Shark Tank® and American Idol®…but with great food and networking. After earning their way through the afternoon selection process, three technology company entrepreneurs will briefly pitch their start-up companies to investors and attendees. Audience members decide how to “fund” the companies. Keynote presentation by Dr. Kathryn C. Continue Reading…