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March 30th, 2018


  1. Xverity

    XVERITY is commercializing mobile-based software that allows patients, especially those with chronic conditions, to receive appropriate care at home instead of in the hospital. Xverity sells to Accountable Care Organizations and Medicare and Medicaid programs as a way to both improve patient care and comfort while reducing expensive hospital visits.  

  2. Universal Cross Connection Control

    UNIVERSAL CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL produces a software-enabled service for water utilities. Most of the 160,000 U.S. water service providers face numerous physical infrastructure challenges due to antiquated systems or software, including cross-connection control. Circumstances such as water main breaks and power failures can cause unsafe water to flow into water distribution systems, causing “boil water” Continue Reading…

  3. Third Eye Diagnostics

    THIRD EYE DIAGNOSTICS is developing Cerepress™, a non-invasive intracranial pressure (ICP) monitor. The monitor gathers pressure measurements externally from the eyes of patients with a head injury or who have suffered a stroke. Existing standard-of-care devices that monitor ICP are invasive and require drilling a hole through the patient’s skull to measure pressure, which can Continue Reading…

  4. Snowvation

    SNOWVATION has developed, and continues to build out a series of modules that allow ski resorts to better manage their scheduling, rentals, and other customer services at resorts.  

  5. Rocket Cloud

    ROCKET CLOUD provides software tools that allow heating, ventilation, and air conditioning wholesalers to transact sales on the web. The company’s innovative cloud- and machine-learning-based software solutions streamline the supply chain and allow traditional wholesalers of equipment and supplies to supplement physical locations with third-party ecommerce channels. Easy on-line access through e-commerce sites will increase sales Continue Reading…

  6. Pharmateck, LLC

    PHARMATECK, LLC is a Lehigh University-based technology for generating oxygen that is used to support breathing in patients with major lung deficiencies such as COPD. The company was formed by the Life Science Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania, which is providing investment and staff support to technologies being commercialized through Pennsylvania colleges and universities.  

  7. PayrollMart

    PAYROLLMART provides an internet marketplace that streamlines the sales process, creates a single pricing and service database, provides pipeline transparency for payroll firm managers, and improves the handoff of new clients from salespeople to the services implementation group. As a result, payroll firms can sell faster and more efficiently.  

  8. Olorin Chemical

    OLORIN CHEMICAL provides custom- and small-batch specialty polymer chemistries to a wide range of industries including cosmetics, building materials, biotech, and others. With an initial focus on specialty oxazolines, this experienced team seeks to provide a cost-effective solution for smaller consumers of these materials.