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Air Purification Systems That Kill COVID-19

Ben Franklin client LifeAire Systems, LLC, Allentown, has spent the last several years developing proprietary and revolutionary in-duct air purification systems that remove airborne pathogens, including COVID-19.

  • The systems complement surface decontamination protocols with a 100% kill/disinfection rate for airborne COVID-19 in just one pass through the system. LifeAire’s technology has received 26 issued US and international patents.
  • Currently, HEPA filtration, the most common means of air filtration used in healthcare, does not comprehensively remediate COVID-19.
  • The LifeAire Systems technology is designed to address Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospitals, healthcare settings, and in senior living facilities. The units are not designed for residential use.
  • The systems can be employed for the current COVID-19 pandemic as part of the air handlers that help protect healthcare workers and patients in modular tents that are supporting hospitals.
  • The systems can be retrofitted into existing air handlers in hospitals, healthcare settings, and in senior living facilities as part of the solution to address potential future pandemics.

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