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Pharma Manufacturer USSF is fighting against COVID-19

Could a vaccine for COVID-19 be developed right here in the Lehigh Valley? It’s possible thanks to an early-stage pharmaceutical company, which last year purchased a building on Allentown’s south side after outgrowing its existing production facility in Bethlehem.

US Specialty Formulations LLC
 is a contract CGMP manufacturer and one of the first 503B Drug Quality and Security Act outsourcing facilities registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It cost-effectively produces specialty formulations of pharmaceuticals in small batches for larger pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. USSF focuses on two lines of business: specialty products, such as topicals and sterile injectables for both humans and animals; and investigational drugs for clinical trials.

USSF is partnering with fellow Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechVentures resident company VaxForm, LLC, which is owned by USSF co-founder Dr. Garry Morefield, on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Via AEDC