1. Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Complete manufacturing process improvements in scheduling, capacity, and plant layout as well as efficiency and yield in order to support Brentwood’s new contract in the transportation industry. Brentwood produces custom thermoformed plastic solutions for a wide variety of consumer, manufacturing, and environmental applications.

  2. Brighton Training Group

    Scale-up and transform Brighton Training Group’s offerings to proprietary and engaging e-learning programs that meet USDA training requirements for federally funded child nutrition and early childhood education programs. The investment will allow the company to develop and own interesting, compliant, and cost-effective course content and provide annual ongoing support to clients.

  3. Build My Team

    Support marketing efforts, website development, and lead generation for this producer of software-as-a-service job placement tools. The company provides clients an automated, proven, and proprietary screening process that includes detailed profiling. The technology substantially reduces the time and effort required to identify and hire new staff and improves the chances that the new hire will Continue Reading…

  4. C. F. Martin & Company, Inc.

    Complete development of computer models to predict the sound quality of prospective top plates on new guitar models for this producer of acoustic stringed instruments. The new products will provide the optimum sound radiation and tone that is sought by the target demographic. This will help maintain Martin’s brand versus current and future competitors.

  5. C. H. Briggs Hardware Company, Inc.

    Conduct comprehensive analysis of current operational performance and provide improvements in the inbound and outbound logistics operations.

  6. Cambridge-Lee Industries, LLC

    Conduct testing of micro-fin refrigeration tubes at this manufacturer of copper tubing for plumbing, refrigeration, and other commercial applications. These new, internally grooved tubes are small in diameter and highly energy-efficient.

  7. carbonLITE

    Develop and document standardized work processes in a new plastic resin manufacturing facility in Reading to optimize efficiency, equipment utilization, and product quality. CarbonLITE converts used plastic bottles into resin pellets for bottling companies to utilize in producing new bottles.

  8. Xverity (formerly Care Technology Solutions

    Complete development of an infrastructure to greatly expand marketing and sales efforts for Care Technology Solutions’ platform. The software platform is for patient interaction with health care providers. It addresses the needs of patients with chronic diseases and other at-risk individuals who wish to stay at home during treatment while engaging with care teams to Continue Reading…

  1. Carenade Health

    Develop marketing and customer support for the product’s beta launch, and implement ongoing software enhancements to Carenade’s online marketplace for in-home healthcare services. Families often find it difficult to find the best home health agency for their loved ones. Carenade is creating an online tool through which consumers can compare prices, read reviews, and purchase Continue Reading…

  2. Carpenter Technology Corporation

    Complete investigation of possible methods for recovering waste heat from high temperature exhaust streams at this producer of specialty cast-wrought and powder metallurgy alloys and titanium alloys. Provide technical support for engineering analysis of the proposed cycle turbine for power generation.

  3. Catawissa Lumber & Specialty Company, Inc.

    Catawissa manufactures hardwood components for customers in the residential and institutional furniture industries, and for kitchen cabinets. With assistance from Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center, this investment will allow the company to refine its cost estimating system to increase competitiveness.

  4. CDC Software, LLC

    Expand commercialization of CDC Software’s DTK product that greatly reduces the time and cost of integrating telephony systems with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business systems. Highly configurable and supporting all major telephony providers, the DTK software provides complete customer data immediately to a representative answering a customer’s call.

  5. Cernostics

    Validate a diagnostic and prognostic test that predicts the risk of developing esophageal cancer, the fastest-growing cancer by incidence in western countries. The test employs a “spatial systems biology approach” to pathological testing that simultaneously evaluates multiple cells and processes in a single biopsy. The current process is largely manual and subjective. Cernostics is developing this Continue Reading…

  6. CEWA Technologies

    Complete design, construct, and test prototypes of a new kind of point-concentrated solar power dish that will deliver power for industrial and institutional applications at a lower cost due to its innovative shape and construction. The dish is capable of providing thermal power for HVAC, power generation, desalination, and process heat applications at a cost Continue Reading…

  7. ChannelApe

    Support customer integrations and marketing and sales efforts for an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for e-commerce store owners. ChannelApe is a suite of cloud commerce services enabling development, execution, and governance of data integration flows. The platform helps e-commerce stores automate and integrate their redundant inventory, order, and fulfillment management tasks. The product Continue Reading…

  8. Clark Technology Systems, Inc.

    Complete the implementation of the Suppliers Excellence Alliance’s Roadmap, which involves establishing a process management system for continuous improvement at this fabricator of lubrication equipment for chemical industries and refineries worldwide. Also design a database structure for implementation company-wide. This will help Clark compete by producing systems better, faster, and cheaper.