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  1. Strivr

    STRIVR is a social media app that allows friends to reach out to one another for help without “putting someone on the spot” or feeling guilty. Strivr was developed to make this happen easily by matching those in need of help with those who want to help, and, as a result, creates strong relationships based Continue Reading…

  2. Spray-Tek

    Spray-Tek provides contract spray-drying processes for some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. The company is developing new formulations for use in industrial and consumer goods products and located in TechVentures for their initial laboratory to pursue those opportunities. The company has existing spray drying plants in Bethlehem, New Jersey, and Mexico.

  3. Oriental Yuhong North America, LLC

    Oriental Yuhong North America, LLC is the U.S. affiliate of Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology, based in  China. The publicly-traded company is opening its first U.S. operation at TechVentures to develop new coatings for the American market and create jobs in the U.S.  

  4. MindMe Mobile

    MindMe Mobile is an intuitive and affordable marketing and communication tool that capture and convert leads and drives repeat business. MindMe leverages cutting-edge mobile communication technology for independent business owners on the go. It provides a one-stop solution for engaging users’ target audiences to achieve measurable results.

  5. Levolta

    Levolta is developing custom formulations of pharmaceutical products that currently generate unwanted side effects. One of the most frequently prescribed intravenous drugs for treating rheumatoid arthritis, zoledronic acid, often creates severe flu-like symptoms and other complications in patients. Through a proprietary reformulation of an existing product, Levolta has achieved comparable therapeutic results for patients while Continue Reading…

  6. Eventuosity

    Eventuosity produces a comprehensive software package that allows medium and large companies to easily deploy and manage their marketing personnel and resources when attending trade events. All of the logistics and cost data are then shared with other applications such as expense reporting software. The software also allows large event organizers to manage the logistics Continue Reading…

  7. Arkados

    Arkados designs and installs smart energy management systems for commercial applications. The company enhances customer efficiency and reduces energy usage through advanced Internet of Things software solutions and sustainability services.

  8. Ophidion, Inc.

    OPHIDION, INC is developing a new class of safe and effective drugs targeting some of the most important receptors in the central nervous system. They are targeting relief of the symptoms of schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as addiction and anxiety. The founder launched the company in the Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative Continue Reading…

  1. Preferred Technology

    PREFERRED TECHNOLOGY is a subsidiary of Preferred Sands, created to develop and commercialize new, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials for the oil and gas drilling industries. TechVentures’ collaboration with Preferred Technology provides other Ben Franklin resident companies with exposure to this industry leader for partnership, commercialization, and innovation opportunities.

  2. NextShift Interactive

    NEXTSHIFT INTERACTIVE provides digital marketing, innovative healthcare industry software, and consulting services to large pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industry clients. The company’s web-based and mobile-enabled analytic tools help their clients understand and communicate better with their customers.

  3. Data Samurai, LLC

    DATA SAMURAI, LLC employs a unique approach to collecting and evaluating data and developing data analytics for its client base of large corporations and organizations. By combining partner-sourced software platforms with their approach, Data Samurai delivers rapid-deployment and implementation solutions.

  4. Procasa, LLC

    PROCASA LLC, designs and distributes equipment that helps wineries automate their bottling operations. Using proprietary mechanical and electronic designs, ProCasa founders have developed a series of products that help automate the process. At smaller wineries, this process is usually manual, so ProCasa’s equipment will substantially reduce wasted product and time.

  5. Merck

    MERCK is seeking collaboration partners to help them develop innovative software solutions for both internal operations and for new externally-focused business opportunities. Their presence at TechVentures provides them with daily exposure to start-ups developing those innovative solutions. Other resident companies benefit from extraordinary partnering potential through exposure to this global innovation leader in medicine and Continue Reading…

  6. Crowdplsr, Inc.

    CROWDPLSR is a new web-based software platform that allows individual fans and event organizers to select, promote, and fund crowd-generated ideas for concerts and events. The platform provides a tool that not only generates momentum and interest in fan-inspired events, but that also allows event organizers to test and pre-sell tickets before making significant investments Continue Reading…

  7. Crowd

    CROWD CONDUIT has been developed as a one-stop shop for individuals and business owners raising money for their ventures. Like a mortgage broker helps consumers with all aspects of securing financing for a home, Crowd Conduit helps select the most appropriate crowd funding site from among more than 500. In addition, they help connect clients Continue Reading…

  8. Colymer Industries

    COLYMER INDUSTRIES, LLC has developed an environmentally friendly roofing material called Tarzanite™. Tarzanite is a proprietary bitumen roof coating that can protect for up to 100 years because it is not water soluble. This creates cleaner run-off, a lower cost over the roof’s lifecycle, and a reduced waste burden in landfills. Initial clients are commercial Continue Reading…