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DCED and BFTDA Leaders Visit Ben Franklin TechVentures

BFTP/NEP President and CEO Angelo Valletta and the leadership team welcomed Dennis Davin, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED); Steve D’Ettorre, Deputy Secretary of Technology and Innovation, PA DCED; and Jennifer Leinbach, Executive Director of the PA DCED Office of Technology and Innovation and the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority, for a meeting and tour of Ben Franklin TechVentures, BFTP/NEP’s award-winning business technology incubator, on November 3. They met with two Ben Franklin TechVentures resident company clients.

Thread Bioscience is poised to disrupt the urinary tract infection (UTI) testing market with its innovative new diagnostic test, CultureStat. Using patented technology, CultureStat detects UTIs at the Point of Care faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than current testing methods. iDEAL Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company. It is focused on delivering breakthrough levels of power efficiency utilizing new, proprietary, patented technology, allowing advanced system designers a new level of performance for new products across multiple segments.

iDEAL Semiconductor CEO Mark Granahan and PA DCED Secretary Dennis Davin in iDEAL’s TechVentures electronics laboratory