Whether you’re curious about your eligibility, want help drafting a proposal, or need an introduction to angel networks and venture capitalists, our team is here to help turn your business goals into reality.

Funding Eligibility

Discover if your project qualifies for our funding programs. Learn about the criteria and requirements to ensure your eligibility for financial support.

Getting Started

Ready to take the first step? Visit our comprehensive guide on how to get started with the funding application process. Follow the step-by-step instructions to navigate through the application procedure.

Life Science & Healthcare Tech Fund

Explore our dedicated fund for innovative projects in the life science and healthcare technology sectors. Learn more about the opportunities and benefits provided under this program.

Go PA Fund

Dedicated to supercharging technology-focused companies with enhanced capital resources, the GO PA Fund invests as a follow-on fund to companies handpicked from Ben Franklin’s expansive statewide portfolio. Find out how your initiative can make a positive impact and qualify for funding through the GO PA Fund.

Innovation Partnership

Collaboration is key. Discover how the Innovation Partnership program aids early-stage technology companies in securing federal funding opportunities.

Investor Network

Tap into our Investor Network, your entry into a community of angel networks and venture capitalists eager to support promising ventures. Make connections, secure funding, and move your business toward profitability with the backing and support of our well-connected community.

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