Funding Eligibility

Our Mission = Your Success

No matter your industry or market niche, landing startup funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeast Pennsylvania hinges on many factors, but the most important one is a passion for innovation and business growth.

Here at Ben Franklin Northeast, we’re not just seeking dreamers; we’re on the hunt for doers—founders ready to turn their big dreams into real-world success stories. Take a look at how our criteria for innovative technology and job creation serve as qualifications for aspiring ventures:

Dreamers & Doers

We're all about turning visionary ideas into tangible outcomes. Show us your passion for taking bold steps and making things happen.

Strategy in Motion

It's not just about having a great idea; it's about having a solid plan to bring it to market. We're excited to see how you'll navigate the path from concept to commercial success.

Commercialization Intent

Successful applicants exhibit a clear intention to commercialize their innovations, driving revenue and growth in their respective industries.

Employment Impact

We prioritize ventures with the potential to create high-quality, high-paying sustainable jobs. Your ability to articulate how your business model will lead to employment opportunities is key.

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Funding Eligibility

To qualify for Ben Franklin Northeast funding, you need to meet a few criteria

Geographical Reach

Your business must be located within the 21-county area we serve, including:
Berks • Bradford • Carbon • Columbia • Lackawanna • Lehigh • Luzerne • Lycoming • Monroe • Montour • Northampton • Northumberland • Pike • Schuylkill • Snyder • Sullivan • Susquehanna • Tioga • Union • Wayne • Wyoming

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Northeast Counties Served

Protecting Your Ideas

Whether through patents, trademarks, or trade secrets, you need some way to protect your intellectual property.

Financial Commitment

While we provide capital investment, you’ll need to bring a personal and financial commitment to match it. Think of it as a collaboration, not just an investment. Ben Franklin funding is not a small business grant; there is a user-friendly payback process that begins once your engagement with us is over. We use the payback from successful projects to continue funding new startups in Northeastern Pennsylvania!

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

If your venture is driven by innovation and aims to make a meaningful impact, we want to hear from you. Discover the funding opportunities available through Ben Franklin Northeast and let's explore how we can work together to move your business forward!

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