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The GO PA Fund is your gateway to growth-stage follow-on investments drawn from the portfolio of Ben Franklin Technology Partners across the state. Dedicated to supercharging Pennsylvania’s technology-focused companies with enhanced capital resources, the GO PA Fund creates an environment for innovation to thrive.

Through strategic alignment of investors within and beyond the Commonwealth, we pave the way for companies to achieve sustained growth and success.

A Statewide Collaboration for Technological Advancement

Formed by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, in collaboration with Ben Franklin of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Ben Franklin of Central and Northern Pennsylvania, and Innovation Works from Southwestern Pennsylvania, the GO PA Fund strategically invests in technology-based ventures across the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Go PA Fund Makes First Investments

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (March 7, 2024)—Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (“Ben Franklin”), a leading seed stage capital provider, today announced that its Global Opportunity Pennsylvania Fund II, L.P. (“GO PA Fund”) has made its first investments in two rapidly growing technology enterprises.

Investing in Innovation

The GO PA Fund primarily invests as a follow-on fund to companies handpicked from Ben Franklin’s expansive statewide portfolio, which includes over 600 ventures throughout Pennsylvania. Leveraging Ben Franklin’s top-tier multi-year/multi-round due diligence process, we ensure access to qualified and vetted opportunities while minimizing investment costs.

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