Investor Network

Connecting to financial & business support beyond Ben Franklin Northeast

At Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we know how important it is to support early-stage technology companies beyond just providing initial seed capital. Once Ben Franklin Northeast accepts you into our portfolio, we provide access to a large investor network that can further fuel your growth.

While our funding jumpstarts your journey, we’re fully aware that achieving profitability often demands additional resources. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering ongoing support, guidance, and connections to follow-on funding opportunities to help advance your business to the next level.

Ben Franklin’s careful client vetting process is highly respected in the angel and venture community. We have strong, long-standing relationships with these investors. As a result, our early-stage client companies often leverage our endorsement to attract even more interest from follow-on funders.

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Seed Investors & Angel Networks

Angel Networks are groups of individual investors who provide capital to early-stage companies in exchange for equity ownership. We collaborate and co-invest with many angel networks and groups in the region, including:

Venture Capitalists

Venture capital firms are investment companies that provide financing to startup and early-stage companies deemed to have high growth potential in exchange for equity stakes. Through our team and network of consultants, Ben Franklin Northeast facilitates introductions and provides guidance during negotiations with a variety of regional venture capital firms, with a variety of regional venture capital firms, including:
Ben Franklin Northeast also has working relationships with all of the major venture firms in Pennsylvania and many others throughout the mid-Atlantic region, ensuring access to diverse investment opportunities.

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