Life Science & Healthcare Technology Fund

Fund Overview

The Ben Franklin Northeast Life Science & Healthcare Technology Fund aims to foster the growth of life science startups in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This innovative fund is designed to provide critical support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in the region who are driving forward breakthroughs in the field of life sciences.

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Our Mission is Clear

Empower those pushing the boundaries in healthcare with the necessary resources to transform the industry and improve lives.

Investment Requirements

We’re investing up to $250,000 to match funds from regional healthcare providers, private corporations, and academic institutions. Projects span a wide range of life science and healthcare innovations, including:

  • New biologics or pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices or diagnostics
  • In-hospital caregiving and patient management tools
  • New caregiving solutions
  • Staff and patient safety solutions
  • Community health solutions

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participating organizations must commit at least $50,000 into the startup, focusing on technologies that enhance patient lives or care delivery.
  • Recipients can be either internal spinoff companies or external entities attracted to the region by a participating institution.
  • If a participating organization is interested in developing a particular technology, Ben Franklin Northeast can help promote the technology interest of existing or new companies interested in developing the solution and jointly invest in a resulting company.
  • Startups must be located in or relocate to our 21-county service territory in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Founders must be fully committed to the company on a full-time basis.

Become a driving force behind the future of healthcare. Contact us today to explore how we can support your life science and healthcare technology ventures.

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