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Gillette Industrial Services Cites BFTP as a Reason to Stay in PA

Gillette Industrial Services, Inc., a manufacturer of assembly parts and equipment for the military and woman-owned enterprise, is relocating to a new distribution center in Forks Township. The firm has outgrown its 9,000-square-foot facility in Bangor. Relocating will allow the company to increase its production capacity and keep up with demand.

“I live in New Jersey, and I considered moving my business there, but between LVEIC, LVEDC, SBA, the county, the governor’s team, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, they all made my decision very easy to stay in Pennsylvania and grow my business here,” said Dee Spencer, President of DGI. “They walked me right through it. PIDA is a great program and I’d recommend it to anyone considering whether to move or stay in Pennsylvania.”

Via Lehigh Valley Live