LifeAire Presents Air Purification Roundtable at TechVentures

Sixty-nine to 80 percent of pathogens that cause illness and infections are airborne, according to Dr. Kathryn Worrilow, founder and chief executive officer of Ben Franklin client, LifeAire Systems.

That statistic, presented at a roundtable discussion at Ben Franklin TechVentures, should make anyone wary of getting shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowd.

Worrilow’s presentation to some area health care professions introduced the critical role that clean air plays in the human health and wellness.

“Greater than 90 percent of all infectious surface pathogens originate from the air,” according to Worrilow. She also said conventional minimum efficiency reporting values [MERV] or high efficiency particulate air [HEPA] filtration does not provide adequate remediation.

According to Worrilow’s presentation, conventional cleaning protocols do not eliminate the problem.

100% of the recycled air in Ben Franklin TechVentures is protected by a LifeAire System.

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