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Resource Energy Systems Technologies: Motor Controllers That Reduce Energy Demand

As energy costs continue to rise, companies are challenged to keep costs in line without affecting productivity or normal conveniences. Across the United States there are more than 2 billion active motors consuming 60 percent of all energy used.

resource-energy-techUsing a concept initially developed by NASA, Allentown-based Resource Energy Systems Technologies (REST) has commercialized and manufactures motor controllers that use improved power-factor monitoring technology to reduce energy demand in manufacturing, mining, drilling, refrigeration and transportation applications throughout the world. One of its leading applications is for AC induction motors that are under variable load or lightly loaded conditions such as escalators and elevators.

In 2007, BFTP provided $150,000 to facilitate the commercialization of this innovative technology. The Resource Energy Controller™ has been proven to reduce energy consumption by 15 to 45 percent. Other applications include conveyor systems, industrial presses, compressors, granulators, crushers, refrigeration and pumps. The company offers 15 basic models servicing fractional to 150 hp motors and custom-built units for applications up to 500 hp.