For Manufacturers

Learn how Ben Franklin Northeast can improve your manufacturing operations, driving efficiency and sparking innovation that will propel your company ahead of the competition. With specialized services to help you make your business more competitive, Ben Franklin Northeast is committed to partnering with you to maximize your manufacturing potential, making your business run smoother, smarter, and more efficiently.
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Support & Innovation at Your Fingertips

At Ben Franklin Northeast, we leverage a network of proven experts, including university faculty and industry specialists, ready to help your manufacturing business succeed. As a client, you’ll benefit from strategic and technological guidance to refine your manufacturing operations, improve your products, and open up new market opportunities.

Funding Innovation and Enhancements

We don’t stop at advice. Ben Franklin Northeast also provides financial support to bring your innovations to life. Our 1:1 matching grant helps fund tech-driven improvements across your organization. Whether upgrading your manufacturing line, creating new products, or enhancing existing ones, we’re here to back your projects with up to $25,000 per initiative, capping at $50,000 per client over three years.

The work traditionally involves partnering with a college or university for technology development and applications that improve your products and processes. Our goal is to make your manufacturing operations quicker, more cost-effective, and competitive!

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