At Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, we offer the expertise and resources needed to navigate the complex entrepreneurial ecosystem, backed by a passionate team whose mission is to empower businesses through collaboration and shared knowledge.

Who We Are

Discover what sets Ben Franklin Northeast apart. We’re guided by a clear vision and mission, driving our commitment to making a meaningful impact on businesses and innovation.

Statewide Network

Explore the strength of our statewide network strategically positioned to support businesses across the state. From urban hubs to rural areas, our network is committed to driving economic development throughout the Commonwealth.

Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind Ben Franklin Northeast’s success. Our team brings diverse expertise together, united by the goal of empowering businesses through collaboration, knowledge, and a passion for innovation.

Reports & Publications

Access annual reports, case studies, and success stories showcasing our expertise in supporting entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and business development.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into the fabric of Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Learn about our initiatives and programs that foster an inclusive environment, ensuring everyone can access the resources and mentorship needed to succeed.

Supporting Innovation Together

Discover how your contribution can directly support and drive business growth. Donate today and make a lasting impact.

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