1. A Sound Strategy, Inc.

    Build the infrastructure to roll out a national sales effort to promote A Sound Strategy’s software-as-a service products that help customers utilize web-based platforms to increase sales and enhance efficiency. Small- and medium-sized businesses sometimes underutilize online tools because of the cost and difficulty in implementing and maintaining them. ASSi’s siteMaster® platform helps companies manage Continue Reading…

  2. ABEC, Inc.

    Optimize purchasing and inventory processes at this provider of engineering, equipment, and related services to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. ABEC manufactures bioreactors and related process equipment used by biopharmaceutical companies around the world. These supply chain enhancements will help ABEC respond to customers’ higher volume and shorter lead time requirements.

  3. Acurlite Structural Skylights, Inc.

    Acurlite Structural Skylights designs and produces skylight products for the building construction industry. This investment will allow the company to pursue new market areas in regions requiring hurricane-resistant and blast-resistant skylights. The company has introduced two new skylight products into the marketplace. One is a lab-tested hurricane-code rated system, which is required in construction in Continue Reading…

  4. Adelphia Seafood

    Complete facility improvements in the production and packaging areas at this processor, packager, and distributor of fresh and frozen seafood to modernize and increase efficiency. Customers are grocery stores and other retailers, restaurants, food service companies, and direct consumers.

  5. Advanced Fibers & Powders, LLC

    Implement process control and manufacturing improvements for this manufacturer of nano-sized metal oxide powders and high activity/selectivity catalysts. The company’s proprietary process provides a competitive advantage due to a substantially reduced particle size, and a greater consistency in size and composition of the particles. Clients include specialty chemical distributors, existing powder manufacturers, and petrochemical companies.

  6. Advanced-Tec Materials, LLc

    Finalize product formulation and production equipment requirements for a new insulation and fireproofing material. Advanced-Tec produces industrial materials based on proprietary formulations utilizing recycled coal-combustion fly-ash. These environmentally sound products achieve superior performance compared to competitive materials.

  7. Alcon Research, Ltd.

    Improve Alcon’s vacuum furnace heat treatment system to reduce costs and improve quality. Alcon manufactures ophthalmic surgical products such as scalpels, sutures, and needles to exacting specifications.

  8. Alpha Packaging

    Implement practices and install equipment to reduce energy consumption by 20% at this manufacturer of plastic bottles and jars primarily for the nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, housewares, consumer chemical, and food and beverage markets. The plastic container industry is highly competitive both domestically and internationally, and controlling energy costs is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. Continue Reading…

  1. AMCOR Rigid Plastics North America

    Improve manufacturing efficiencies and improve productivity at this manufacturer of blow- molded and injection-molded containers for the personal care and liquor industries. Lehigh University’s Enterprise Systems Center will work with Amcor to implement document standard production procedures, prepare for additional production through new lines, and reduce cycle time and production costs.

  2. American Paper Bag, LLC

    Review facility options and recommendations for continued growth at this manufacturer of innovative paper bags. American Paper Bag is a leading U.S.-based producer of customizable and environmentally friendly paper bags and sells to some of the largest retail and e-commerce companies.  

  3. American Polarizers, Inc.

    Further develop a processing method for a new circular polarizer lens, & expand the product line to include small lenses & small batch custom laminations using various substrates at this mfrer/polarized & non-polarized optical products for scientific/medical instrumentation.  

  4. Appeeling Fruit, Inc.

    Plan and coordinate the relocation, set-up, and testing of equipment and other infrastructure, and the initiation of production at Appeeling’s new facility.  Appeeling Fruit produces packaged fruit products for food service and retail customers, and bulk apples for bakeries.  It is moving to a newly purchased and renovated facility to keep up with increasing product Continue Reading…

  5. Applied Cadence, LLC

    Develop, test, and commercialize “CareWide,” a simple & easy-to-use mobile app w/a web-based dashboard that allows homecare workers an affordable way to manage their services, verify time, & get paid. The patented SaaS platform maximizes productivity & accountability.

  6. Applied Separations, Inc.

    Complete implementation of a new enterprise resource planning system to improve operational efficiency, provide scalability and flexibility of operations, and better meet customer demands. Applied Separations builds supercritical fluid (SCF) systems, develops emerging SCF markets, and supplies laboratory equipment to companies all over the world.

  7. Ashland Foundry & Machine Works, Inc.

    Assess Ashland’s current energy consumption to identify ways to reduce usage and energy inefficiencies, and thereby decrease operating costs. Ashland manufactures pump components from high alloy castings

  8. Aslan Industries

    Complete the development of progressive dies for a patented line of residential wiring electrical devices that are designed for fast and accurate installation. These devices, used by builders and contractors, provide cost savings and installation efficiency over existing methodologies.