1. ASP Platform Services, LLC

    Commercialize the new M4app product. M4app is a web-enabled software product that automates mortgage foreclosures, facilitating the sheriff sale process. The M4app provides the sheriff with a professional web presence and a secure online document exchange environment for attorneys involved in the foreclosure process. The M4app has been successfully launched in several eastern Pennsylvania counties.

  2. Ateeco, Inc. dba Mrs. T’s.

    Complete facility planning via operational space creation, consolidation, and administration centralization at this producer of frozen pierogies for retail and institutional customers.

  3. B. Braun Medical, Inc.

    Complete development of a decision support tool that addresses and analyzes alternatives to assist in optimizing B. Braun’s fluids products supply chain network. B. Braun manufactures and supplies disposable medical devices and provides medical services products worldwide.

  4. Bally Ribbon Mills, Inc.

    Determine an alternative process for heating & curing ribbon materials at this manufacturer of specialized engineered woven webbing, tapes, narrow fabrics, & other. By improving the operating efficiency of the ribbon production line, Bally will enhance quality & reduce costs.

  5. Bayard Printing Group

    Optimize the manufacturing process between operator and machine and identify a solution to  consolidate accounting systems at this digital, web, and sheet-fed offset printing and fulfillment company.

  6. Bazzini Holdings

    Complete an Enterprise Resource Planning implementation that supports the consolidation of Bazzini’s operations to a single facility in the Lehigh Valley. This producer of nuts, fruits, and confections will garner significant savings through the consolidation, which will allow it to compete more effectively and support the company’s anticipated growth

  7. Bearing and Drive Solutions

    Implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system and review of manufacturing processes at this multi-service company to improve system integration and costing, and streamline operations. Reading Bearing and Drive Solutions repairs electric motors, stand-by generators, and welders; provides production machining processes; stocks and sells new electric motors, bearings, and power transmission components; provides electrical and Continue Reading…

  8. Belrick Corporation

    Assess manufacturing operations at this producer of custom-machined parts to improve productivity and reduce costs. Analyze equipment utilization, inventory management, quality control measures, and logistics to provide a quantitative analysis of the operation that will improve production efficiency. This will allow Belrick to be more competitive in the price-sensitive subcontract machine industry both domestically and Continue Reading…

  1. Benton Foundry, Inc.

    Implement energy saving processes as this producer of gray and ductile iron castings expands operations. Enhancements will continue to improve energy and operational efficiency, increase throughput, and heighten product quality to make the foundry more competitive.

  2. Big Barker, LLC

    Conduct facility planning and inventory gap analysis to accommodate growth, resulting in lower costs and increased productivity. Big Barker manufactures high-quality foam beds for large dog breeds that are engineered to provide big dogs with better rest and more mobility.

  3. Bio-Energy Holdings, Inc.

    Continue commercializing the patented A-Ceptor™, an oil/water/solids separator, interceptor, and clarifier for use in renewable energy recycling and water treatment equipment servicing for the biodiesel, food service, and oil and gas industries. The A-Ceptor has a unique clarification technology that provides cost-effective water treatment and recycle/reuse. It allows clients to harvest high-quality feedstock for biodiesel Continue Reading…

  4. Bio Med Sciences, Inc.

    Complete implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning system at this producer of innovative and specialized materials for burn and wound care, and aesthetic skin care. Expected growth over the next three to five years necessitates a robust information technology system to improve operational efficiency, provide scalability and flexibility of operation, and meet customers’ demands.  

  5. Bison Analytics, LLC

    Complete development of and provide marketing support to Bison Analytics’ consolidation, planning, and business intelligence software. The product is targeted to small businesses that use QuickBooks™. The Bison System allows clients to easily utilize QuickBooks™ data for comprehensive financial consolidation, analysis, planning, and management. Bison Analytics will implement software enhancements, expand to more Enterprise Resource Continue Reading…

  6. Blaschak Coal Corporation

    Develop a process to efficiently extract Rare Earth Elements (REE) from anthracite mine water sources at this producer of anthracite coal. REEs have a wide variety of applications in electronic, optical, and magnetic devices. Currently, China produces nearly all REEs and there is great demand for domestic suppliers.

  7. Blazing Technologies, Inc.

    Support the final development and commercialization of Blazing’s electric utility vehicle, the Bold Utility Vehicle (BUV). The BUV has greater maneuverability than existing electric or gas-powered utility vehicles, accomplished through direct electric drive and dual motor proportional steering capabilities. These features allow the unit to have a minimal turning radius.

  8. Bosch Rexroth Corporation

    Develop and implement a simulation-based scheduling software for the company’s CNC machine scheduling system to improve throughput and reduce lead time, providing greater capacity. Bosch Rexroth manufactures motion control equipment, including hydraulic and pneumatic components.