Where specialists, research, and innovation come together.

One of the hallmarks of the BFTP/NEP program is the partnerships that we build between private sector manufacturers, and researchers and resources at higher education institutions.

Unique Resources

Pennsylvania’s colleges and universities are vital business assets and we actively seek experts in appropriate fields, developing long-term relationships that often span multiple clients and projects. The academic specialists bring expertise, an outside perspective, access to laboratories and equipment, and students to provide client companies with specific technical capabilities and an extra pair of hands dedicated to strategic activities.

University Partners

Projects with established manufacturers require clients to utilize a university partner. Projects with early-stage firms may use a university partner but are not required to do so.

BFTP/NEP will work with any college or university located in Pennsylvania. We particularly seek technical experts in industrial engineering, materials selection and testing, chemical engineering, machine and product design, software customization, and manufacturing processes.