Economic growth, job creation, successful innovation.

Since our start in 1983, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania has:

  • Created 18,056 new jobs
  • Retained 31,840 existing jobs
  • Started 511 new companies
  • Developed 1,733 new products and processes

Since 2007 alone, BFTP/NEP has supported 3,107 companies and helped clients raise $1.5 Billion in follow-on funding from other investors.

Significant Statewide Economic Impact

The Pennsylvania Economy League, a nonpartisan research organization, conducted an independent, objective evaluation of the economic impact of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) in Pennsylvania from 2007 through 2011. The results determined that BFTP has:

  • Generated $3.60 of additional state tax revenue for every $1.00 invested in the program, with more than $502 million in additional state tax revenues
  • Boosted the PA economy by $6.6 billion (increase in gross state product)
  • Produced a total of 20,200 jobs

BFTP has produced the following statewide cumulative results since 1989:

  • Boosted the Pennsylvania economy by more than $23.5 billion
  • Generated 51,000 jobs in client firms
  • Generated 89,000 additional jobs outside of client firms