Proven knowledge, experience, and tech-intelligence

Funding is what draws most companies to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners. But alumni clients cite the other support that Ben Franklin provides directly and through its partners as equally, if not more important to their success.

Strategic Analysis and Advice

BFTP couples its financial commitment with a wide range of partnership opportunities, mentoring, and business and technology development support. The Ben Franklin Solutions Network is a group of business and technical consultants and other professionals led, screened, and coordinated by Ben Franklin staff.

The BFTP Solutions Network focuses on:

  • Market analysis
  • Technology commercialization
  • Process evaluation and innovation
  • Product development and improvement
  • Strategic partnering
  • Follow-on investments

Solutions for Every Stage

The Solutions Network provides assistance to early-stage client companies as well as to clients that have achieved commercialization and sales of their products and services. For very early-stage clients, BFTP evaluates the company’s current status and seeks to provide it with a solid plan. For firms that are ready to commercialize products, the solutions center on strategy, sales process, and capitalization.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s 2023 Innovation Partner is Service Electric/PenTeleData