The time, talent, and money you need to propel your company ahead of the competition.

Established manufacturers are often so busy running their companies that they don’t have the time and resources to evaluate and pursue advances that will grow their businesses to the next level. This puts them at risk.

Strategic and Technological Support

Ben Franklin has a Solutions Network of proven experts—college and university faculty and staff, professionals, and specialists—who help established manufacturers succeed. Clients benefit from sophisticated strategic planning advice and gain immediate access to a wide range of technological support designed to streamline manufacturing processes, develop new operational capabilities, improve products, and expand markets.

Funding Innovation and Enhancements

Ben Franklin not only provides the resources and facilitates the process; it also provides funding. A 1:1 matching grant is available for technology-based, enterprise-wide innovation in established manufacturers. Work can include enhancements to the company’s manufacturing process, development of new products, and/or improvement of existing products. Ben Franklin invests up to $25,000 for each project, for a total not to exceed $50,000 per client, over up to three years. The work is usually technology development or application-driven and is accomplished with a college or university partner. The goal is to make the client’s product or manufacturing process better, faster, less costly, and/or more competitive.