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Diversified Information Technologies Grows 49% in 2010

Diversified Information Technologies, based in Scranton, optimizes how insurance, financial services, health care and government clients manage critical information while reducing fixed costs associated with information collection, processing, and compliance.

Diversified Information TechnologiesDiversified began as a records storage company in 1982, and the company has flourished in the industry by continually realigning operations to match the needs of clients and the marketplace. This focus led the company to work with Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP NEP) and Wilkes University to re-engineer its service offerings.

For example, Diversified developed a communication center for electronic vaulting, a technologically sophisticated application that utilizes satellite transfer communications and Internet capabilities to create operational redundancy. This service ensures clients’ business processes are uninterrupted in unexpected circumstances.

In addition, the company worked with BFTP NEP to augment and improve its strategic business plan, which substantially transformed the business. The company’s annual revenue increased 49 percent in 2010. Diversified now employs 379 Pennsylvanians, and credits those jobs to its work with BFTP NEP.