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HootBoard – New Ben Franklin TechVentures Resident Company  

 Technology That Customizes Information Kiosks Faster, Cheaper, and Better

HootBoard is changing the way people get information in hotels, schools, hospitals and workplaces. The company has developed a digital concierge platform; in other words, Hootboard provides information-rich hardware and software in public places the way smart phones provide information in the palm of a user’s hand. In fact, HootBoard’s kiosks resemble oversize smart phones and are just as easy to set up and use.

HootBoard’s software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based kiosk operating system and applications platform dramatically simplifies the current approach to the deployment and ongoing management of kiosk assets. HootBoard-based kiosks can be deployed in minutes, without custom development, and at a fraction of the cost compared with traditional kiosk solutions.

HootBoard received a $100,000 investment from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The company is moving into the Ben Franklin TechVentures business incubator.

Board takes minutes to deploy, versus three or more months for custom-built concierge solutions,” said Satyajeet Shahade, co-founder and CEO of HootBoard. “Our technology is revolutionizing the information kiosk industry.”

Shahade has deep experience in producing technology architecture. Prior to HootBoard, he led the design and build of big data warehouses for the financial services industry. He conceived the idea of HootBoard after he saw the business opportunity in directing students lost on a university campus.

Companies and institutions spend millions in marketing to bring prospective customers to their facilities. Engaging and informing these prospects once they are there is a common challenge. Basic digital signage has been a mainstay for some time, but it only allows one-way communication. Concierge kiosks are a viable solution, but they require custom development, making it too costly for most organizations.

“Our platform makes an information kiosk accessible to many organizations that could never afford them before,” says HootBoard Co-founder and COO Jose Larin “The cost of using our software is $1,200 to start, as opposed to $25-30,000 for custom kiosk experiences.”

Larin was attracted to the idea of HootBoard as he observed information-sharing challenges in the companies at which he worked. Larin leads sales and operations for HootBoard.

HootBoard’s Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) platform eliminates custom development time and cost by enabling third-party applications, and by using a simple-to-post bulletin board system. This reduces deployment headaches and content maintenance, and lowers the total cost of ownership by almost 80%. HootBoard is the first provider to market KaaS, and is the only kiosk provider that offers a free on-site trial.

HootBoard has sold its products to Fortune 500 clients including GE, DHL, and Samsung; educational institutions like Texas A&M; and hospitality clients such as Accor Hotels. The product has international sales, including customers in Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Guernsey, in addition to the U.S.

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