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Intuidex Teams With Quub to Launch Next-Gen PicoSatellite on SpaceX Rocket

BFTP client and Ben Franklin TechVentures resident company, Intuidex, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge defense software and technology, has teamed with Quub (Mini-Cubes, LLC), a satellite manufacturer, to produce and launch a first-of-its-kind, high functionality, low-cost satellite (picosat) to provide enhanced situational awareness and early warning anomaly detection using sensor data.

Satellites with this type of sensor functionality have traditionally taken months, if not years, to build and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. In contrast, these next-gen picosats take a matter of days to build with commercially available, off-the-shelf parts with a parts cost of less than $50 thousand. However, it’s their technology that makes them just as functional as their larger and much more expensive cousins. Read more.

Coverage via WFMZ-TV69