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Saladax Announces Global Distribution Agreement With Beckman Coulter for Antipsychotic Drug Tests

Beckman Coulter Introduces Antipsychotic Drug Testing to Address Unmet Clinical Need for More Than 69 Million People Living with Serious Mental Conditions

There are a significant number of people globally impacted by serious mental illness. Ben Franklin client and TechVentures resident company, Saladax Biomedical, Inc., develops, manufactures, and markets assays, tests that rapidly identify therapeutic drug levels for essential and life-saving medicines prescribed by psychiatrists and oncologists. Since 2007, Saladax’s proprietary technology has been used in clinical laboratories or point-of-care settings to assist clinicians in monitoring and optimizing patient care. The firm’s strong proprietary IP position of 345 patents positions it well to provide these assays to meet this market need.

Saladax has announced a global distribution agreement with Beckman Coulter, Inc. for antipsychotic drug tests. Having Beckman distribute Saladax’s assays is a testimonial to the quality of its tests and that a strong market exists for routine measure and monitoring of antipsychotic drug levels.