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UBMe Launches Revolutionary Online Ordering and Curbside Communication Product for Restaurants

New product helps restaurants increase revenue while safely and conveniently communicating with customers during COVID-19 restrictions in cooler weather.

With investment support from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southside Bethlehem KIZ, UBMe, Inc., a hyperlocal technology company, has launched a new product called Online Ordering and Curbside Communication, to help restaurants increase their revenue while promoting safety and convenience during the winter months of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new product provides restaurants an online ordering platform and implements curbside safety and connectivity.

UBMe provides local restaurants with the tools to grow their business and avoid losing substantial revenue due to high online order commissions. With most third-party online order companies taking commissions of 20-40% from restaurants, orders may be increased, but margins are threatened. The creators of the UBMe app are aiming to help restaurants bring in new orders while allowing customers to feel safe visiting the business.

With the pandemic surging and cold weather here, governors across the country have begun to introduce new restrictions on outdoor dining and indoor capacity. It is more important now than ever for restaurants to continue implementing safety protocols for their staff and customers to maintain their business. Customers who are afraid of coming into contact with the virus this winter will seek the safest way to dine and pick-up their food orders.

UBMe’s product provides safety, convenience, and confidence by streamlining customers’ virtual connections with restaurant staff. No longer do curbside customers need to idly wait in their cars for updates on their food — they can just check-in to the restaurant through the UBMe app and a staff member inside can provide them with a live update on their order status. Using UBMe, customers have complete control over their environment during a pick-up, making them feel safe and more comfortable coming back to continue to support the business.

“Limited capacity is already a big problem for restaurants, so losing the ability to offer outdoor dining due to cold weather means restaurants are going to be hit even harder than they were before,” said David Bougard, UBMe Co-Founder and Head of Business Development. “UBMe makes it easier and safer for customers to patronize restaurants.”

UBMe offers two simple rates exclusively for restaurants. Option 1 is $75 a month, commission-free, and Option 2 is no monthly fee with 5% commission on new orders. Both include unlimited orders via online ordering, a custom landing page designed specifically for each restaurant, an account manager, live dashboard access, unlimited check-ins, phone and email support, training videos, a marketing manager, customer analytics, and real-time check in and order management.

“The goal of UBMe is to provide restaurants with the tools to help their customers feel at ease ordering and picking-up food directly from them.” said Bougard. “Once customers have one positive experience using UBMe, they’ll be more inclined to order out again, even in a pandemic, and that generates repeat customers.”

UBMe is currently offering a 30-day free-trial period to new users so they can explore all of the included offerings within the subscription. Businesses can claim a free trial and learn more about UBMe at


About UBMe:

UBMe is a start-up technology company based in Bethlehem, PA. Operating in the hyperlocal business-to-consumer industry category, UBMe’s proprietary mobile application helps businesses in dense market areas provide targeted and real-time interaction directly and immediately to local residents.