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July 27th, 2015


  1. Ophidion, Inc.

    OPHIDION, INC is developing a new class of safe and effective drugs targeting some of the most important receptors in the central nervous system. They are targeting relief of the symptoms of schizophrenia, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as addiction and anxiety. The founder launched the company in the Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative Continue Reading…

  2. Preferred Technology

    PREFERRED TECHNOLOGY is a subsidiary of Preferred Sands, created to develop and commercialize new, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials for the oil and gas drilling industries. TechVentures’ collaboration with Preferred Technology provides other Ben Franklin resident companies with exposure to this industry leader for partnership, commercialization, and innovation opportunities.

  3. NextShift Interactive

    NEXTSHIFT INTERACTIVE provides digital marketing, innovative healthcare industry software, and consulting services to large pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industry clients. The company’s web-based and mobile-enabled analytic tools help their clients understand and communicate better with their customers.

  4. Data Samurai, LLC

    DATA SAMURAI, LLC employs a unique approach to collecting and evaluating data and developing data analytics for its client base of large corporations and organizations. By combining partner-sourced software platforms with their approach, Data Samurai delivers rapid-deployment and implementation solutions.