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February 24th, 2014


  1. viihealth, Inc.

    VIIHEALTH has developed a cloud-based web service that permits consumers to manage their personal health care information. Details about insurance, medical conditions, medications, and more are all securely saved for use when needed. The site also permits customers to interact and more effectively seek insurance information and negotiate rates.  

  2. U. S. Specialty Formulations

    US SPECIALTY FORMULATIONS (USSF) manufactures sterile injectable pharmaceuticals used by health care providers. Millions of Americans require specialized and custom-manufactured drugs, and the current infrastructure is insufficient to support their therapies. As an FDA-registered outsourced manufacturer, USSF employs advanced quality and manufacturing controls to provide cGMP-manufactured drugs for patients worldwide. The company was founded in response Continue Reading…

  3. Lehigh Valley Angel Investors

    LEHIGH VALLEY ANGEL INVESTORS was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs in the Lehigh Valley to pool investment funds from accredited and experienced investors in order to provide seed or growth capital to start-up companies. Companies in which LVAI invests will typically be located in and around the Lehigh Valley, but are not Continue Reading…

  4. Innovform Therapeutics

    INNOVFORM THERAPEUTICS is a biotech company that develops innovative “Spray-in-Flow” technology as an efficient process to prepare nanoparticle formulations. The company will use its proprietary process to design new mechanisms for drug delivery and diagnostic agents and to develop next-generation cancer therapies.  

  5. Cernostics

    CERNOSTICS is developing technologies that will redefine the way cancer is identified, diagnosed, and treated. The company utilizes a complex integration of quantitative pathology and advanced informatics, supported by a robust electronic medical record management system. Cernostics personalizes cancer diagnosis and treatment by evaluating patient tissue samples using multiplexed florescence microscopy and imaging technology. These Continue Reading…