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March 29th, 2018


  1. New Horizon Biotech

    NEW HORIZON BIOTECH provides biotech and pharmaceutical companies with a new bioreactor equipment configuration that requires less physical space and increases yields.  

  2. MDS Link

    MDS LINK provides a simple, inexpensive, and patent-pending solution that significantly increases data transport capacity using existing coax cable. There is a growing market need for greater data transmission bandwidth to residences. Broadband operators can deploy this solution using already installed coax cable systems, delivering massive increases to “last mile” bandwidth in less time and Continue Reading…

  3. Logic 54

    LOGIC 54 provides a software solution that allows school bus operating companies to manage their drivers, vehicles, and routes. Developed with years of experience in working with public school system transportation managers, the company has built its platform with a focus on helping clients optimize routes and staff for profitability.  

  4. LBN, Inc.

    LBN, INC. develops and sells chemistry that enables circuit boards to perform significantly better. The company is seeking to provide faster speeds on ever-smaller architectures through its copper surface chemistry. This is the fourth TechVentures startup led by serial entrepreneur Shahri Naghshineh, who has had considerable prior success in similar industries.  

  5. Ideal Semiconductor

    IDEAL SEMICONDUCTOR provides unique chip architectures to greatly increase the speed and reduce the power consumption of high-performance computing equipment such as that found in large data server farms and storage facilities.  

  6. Grovara, LLC

    GROVARA, LLC is an international trading company that helps U.S.-based producers of healthy and organic foods/beverages develop markets outside the U.S. Significant market traction has led the company to develop a web-based marketplace to facilitate transactions among the buyers and sellers of its clients’ products.  

  7. Gigbond

    GIGBOND is developing resins and adhesives that cure under light, making them ideal for a variety of challenging applications such as highly automated and inaccessible areas. Gigbond’s initial clients are based in Asia.  

  8. Alpha Health Tracker

    ALPHA HEALTH TRACKER provides a unique, internet-connected sensor device that can detect vitamin deficiencies and other early health warning indicators. The toilet-based device and service allow consumers to collect information from their urine in far more discreet and easier ways than are currently used.  

  1. Ben Franklin Announces Distraction Expert Curt Steinhorst as iXchange Keynoter

    The average person loses up to three hours each workday due to digital distractions. Curt Steinhorst, iXchange keynote speaker, is on a mission to help today’s workforce with the battle against distraction. Having spent years studying the impact of technology on human behavior, he now equips professionals around the world to work smarter and stronger Continue Reading…